Kelly Kunyi Wang is a 24-year-old filmmaker currently studying in NYC at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, specializing in producing, script supervising, and assistant directing in addition to writing and directing.
Born in China, she moved to the US at two years old, growing up in Indiana, South Carolina, and Georgia before moving to Beijing for high school. With this back and forth, Kelly experienced living in many different environments and communities, giving her the unique background that heavily influences the stories she yearns to tell. Her interests are deeply rooted in coming-of-age themes, particularly those involving elements of vulnerability, inner demons, and delving into what it means to be a POC in America.
Throughout her time at NYU, she's worked on over 30 short film sets and web series in positions ranging from Production Designer to 1st AC. She's most known for script supervising and producing. Her keen eye and attention to detail allows for extremely meticulous continuity tracking and eye-line monitoring, as well as organized and thorough log presentation. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of the pre-production process for short-form projects, having produced 12 projects, including 5 NYU thesis films. 
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