Writer & Director
Kelly Kunyi Wang
Larry Yu, Tiffany Wan, and Nancy Zamora
Director of Photography
Matt Liang
Amanda Jean Tugangui, Nick Skonberg, and Julie Shin
Year of Production
Brooklyn and Queens, NY

Today is Charlotte’s sixteenth birthday, and it also happens to be the day of the school’s Prom. Turning 16, she’s realized she hasn’t hit the same relationship milestones it seems her peers have, and she is determined to change that. With her sights set on a cute upperclassman boy named Fletcher, and as the dedicated head of the Prom Committee, Charlotte will try to create the moment she’s been dreaming of while ensuring the dance goes smoothly for her classmates. Everything seems to be falling into place until she finds out, a little too late, that Fletcher may be completely different from the Prince she had imagined.

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